The Problem

Contamination of recycling stream: $1.09 million/year = 2.2 cents per bag.
Collecting and disposing of bags: $3.6 million/year = 7.2 cents per bag.
Removing bags from streets: $2.6 million/year = 5.2 cents per bag.
Processing in landfills: $1.2 million/year = 2.4 cents per bag.
Total cost per bag in San Francisco alone: $8.49 million/year = 17 cents per bag.

Our Mission

10% of all plastics end up in the ocean. Our goal is to reduce that one bottle at a time.

How It Works

With TRSHY, you can locate a public trash or recyling bin in a fun and engaging way. Earn XP and achievements as you use or mark public trash bins.